About Us

We are a mobile platform where user can create their events on mobile phones in fun and easy way. This will provide users a different way of social networking with enhanced control over their personal assets in digital world. We help people carve out their events in today’s digital clutter. We let users create their event specific app with least efforts. We provide the best platform on smart phones for a virtual gathering, interaction, playfulness, and support Our existence is to empower people to integrate with mobile phones requiring least computer skills and with minimal hassle. We will democratize the mobile platform for all people. This will create a new revolution in social networking with more secured and selective communication among peers and relatives.

Our success is manifested:
When user creating a mobile event and that mobile wali event becomes an integral part of their gala

How Do We Behave:
We put customers first; Give Users exceptional experience
Transparency inside the company and for customers
Do the things right
Challenge the technical status quo


Easy Interface

With Appyfy your app is only few clicks away. Our new innovative platform create mobile apps for your events with minimal efforts. Just select your choice and your app will be created in seconds.

Multiple applications

Flexible for all but focused for you. Our innovative predictive analytics algorithms create app for your specific needs. Algorithm selects best app features for your event and location.

Mobile platform

Your apps will have native capabilities that are much responsive, intuitive, and tailor-made for mobile phones. Mobile app is many times better than a website. This will make your events really mobile and ready for digital age.


Let your app accessible to a private group or made it for all. A unique URL lets you share the app among your group members or use social media to share with the universe.

Beta version testimonials

Appyfy made my wedding fun by including my extended family members and friends days in advance. It also provided great resources for our planning.

Days before our wedding, my all friends and relatives were playing funny games and interacting with my hubby's friends and relatives. It was such an ice breaker when we all first meet. Five star from our side I can't imagine any wedding in future without Appyfy. Love you Appyfy.

I created my wedding app in minutes and shared with my friends and family. Appyfy made my wedding special in an Appyfy way :).

As soon as I created wedding on Appyfy it was fun the video invitation is a great feature instead of sending old paper wedding cards we sent video invite, that was cool and environmental friendly. Appyfy have so many fun activities, it was easy to get all type of suggestions from friends and relatives. Everybody felt part of our wedding days before actual day. Thank you Appyfy


Gurgaon, Haryana, India 122002