About Us

We are a company that will empower people and businesses to integrate with mobile phones requiring least computer skills and at minimal cost. We will democratize the mobile platform for all people and business. This will create a new revolution in social networking with more secured and selective communication among peers and relatives. This will uplift entrepreneurs in india and will bring India into the ranks of developed nations.

Our success is manifested:
when business creating app gets highest ROI and can provide their best customer experience; when user creating app for events and that app becomes an integral part of their gala; when user creating app with an idea and able to take it to the intended audience while revealing full potential of that idea.


Easy Interface

With Appyfy your app is only few clicks away. Our new innovative platform create mobile apps with minimal efforts. Just select your choice and your app will be created in seconds.

Multiple applications

Flexible for all but focused for you. Our innovative predictive analytics algorithms create app for your specific needs. Algorithm selects best app features for small businesses, cultural functions, sports tournaments, conferences, photo sharing and more

Mobile platform

Your apps will have native capabilities that are much responsive, intuitive, and tailor-made for mobile phones. Mobile app is many times better than a website. This will make your events, business, and idea stand out of crowd.


Let your app accessible to a private group or made it for all. A unique URL lets you share the app among your group members or use social media to share with the universe.


Appyfy made my wedding fun by including my extended family members and friends days in advance. It also provided great resources for our planning.

Appyfy made my business accessible to millions of people via mobile app. I always used to wonder it would cost me fortune, but with Appyfy I spent almost nothing and now my restaurant have a mobile app.

I created my wedding app in minutes and shared with my friends and family. Appyfy made my wedding special in an Appyfy way :).

We used Appyfy to create an app for our annual conference meet. We saved so much money on printing thick booklets and program brochures. With Appyfy participants have real time access to presentations and programs have live interactions via chatting and so many more services. This is the future I can't imagine any conference not having app in APPYFY


Gurgaon, Haryana, India 122002